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You will be given the opportunity to express yourself, read and write in the target language and develop your ability to understand native speakers.

The principal dialect groups are Egyptian, North African, Arabian, Sudanese and Levantine.

Arabic Levantine is spoken in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Palestine, Israel and understood in most Arabic countries.

CAM or the Calgary Arabic Magazine is a non-political lifestyle magazine featuring topics including Arabs in focus, food recipes, health advice, technology, beauty tips, fitness, wedding tips, parenting, home decor, marriage advice and much more!

The Calgary Arabic Magazine is distributed to Arabic grocery stores, medical centers, dental offices, bakeries, donair shops, doctor offices, pizza places, multicultural centers, educational institutes, meat shops and produce stores.

At the Basic 2 level the main aims are: The Course introduces students to functions and notions such as: Titles and terms of address; Introducing friends and family; Saying what you do for a living; At the passport desk; At customs; In the arrivals hall; Finding a suitable hotel room; Checking in at the hotel; Saying how long you want to stay; Offering, refusing, accepting; Saying what you like and don't like; Ordering a meal; Expressing appreciation; Making enquiries; Buying and changing money; Shopping in a store, market; Describing countries; Reading short texts in Arabic etc.