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Intro to Web RTC Brief history of Real Time Communication on the Web Possibilities of Web RTCCompanies using Web RTCCompatibility issues 4.

Basic Web RTC Architecture Network Protocols used by Web RTCBasic understanding of STUN, TURN, and ICEDIY servers and paid options 5.

Congo makes it easy for small business to create and distribute branded video from their smartphones, and allows larger companies/causes to have their fans create and share branded video on their behalf.

Real Estate, Politics, Small Business, Entertainment, Social Good, Vlogging, Travel, Sports, Fashion. Today, creating and posting branded video across social networks is time intensive requiring expensive video-editing software and post-production expertise.

Basic introduction to Web RTC API Accessing Microphones and Webcam using Media Stream Connecting to peers using RTCPeer Connection Exchanging arbitrary data with RTCData Channel 6.