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Alongside several of her own librettos, Auerbach contributes her column , it is a spontaneous work in progress collected over three years, which, compiled into eight chapters, integrates and comments on different aspects of life.

Coupled with some 120 oil-on-rusted metal works made from antique roof tiles that Auerbach found in an architectural salvage store, the book completes a body of work Auerbach felt was forging its way for some time.

Auerbach has published three books of poetry in Russian, selected works of which have been recited publicly in performances by Gerard Depardieu, Sergey Yursky, and Evgeny Kissin.

In 1996, the International Pushkin Society of New York named her Poet of the Year, and her poetry and prose is included in textbooks mandatory for schoolchildren in her native Russia.

You tune yourself to be the instrument of your creation, the work writes itself.