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Organizing and Cleaning house ( or closet in this instance!

) Jourdan Fenster of Hangers and Heels honestly was my life saver.

Now with the bests, you have to have the worsts too! so most of you know I own Cha and because of this I happened to have a lot of clothes. Some could consider this a problem, but really it’s just who I am! I alway have loved clothes and have always had a lot of clothes… especially when you start running out of room in your closet to put things away…

I searched for someone that could help me do this and ended up finding out that a friend of a friend actually had started her own business doing just what I needed!

Cee Lo’s peacock wardrobe (though technically it escalated after he stopped rapping) includes furs, leathers, wigs, dresses, and lots of sequins.

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    Probably because it’s some kind of law somewhere that indie movies have to have some major high school component to them and that people interact this way for the mere purpose of conflict, and that everything conclude with the exact sort of predictably that you’d get out of this week’s Hollywood romantic comedy.

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    But it gave me funny feelings and the pictures started to stick in my head,” the boy said, according to Woods.

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    Setelah beres semua kerja di salah sebuah lading di Utara Johor, aku dan Raj pulang semula ke ibu pejabat.

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    Personally i dont like talking on the phone at all so i have no desire to do it hear!