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Chargeable usage of a prepaid service can be cut off with no regard to context and without warning, as soon as credit balances and applicable usage allowances are depleted, be it mid-call, or 98% of the way of a sizeable file transfer, or in the middle of something that you may subjectively consider important or even critical.

Also, the ‘burn rate’ of mobile service expense is not necessarily better contained than with a postpaid service, because even though you will not be subject to ‘bill shock’ arising from unexpected financial liability incurred through usage and only be advised after the fact, with a prepaid service it is entirely possible to rapidly deplete a sizeable amount of credit that you have budgeted to cover chargeable usage over a far longer period.

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Some service providers offer limited ways in which prepaid credit can be redeemed from the system and used to pay for purchases from a third-party merchant, for example the Google Play store.