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Asia sex webcam roulette

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The brothels are about one hundred feet apart from one another.If you rent a motorbike for $3.00 a day, you can cruise through it fairly easily making your holiday exciting.

There can be anywhere between 500 to 1000 girls available on this long road.You heard right, in this town by the beach you can get sex for as little as 5$.The area in question is called chicken farm (red light street) that offer more than 1000 Cambodian and Vietnamese girls.You will find it very difficult to find any Cambodian in Sihanoukville who can speak English The Chicken Farm here is very long road with many brothels and a must visit during your holiday.The red dirt road is sort of an upside-down shaped U.I managed to find one young [19 yr old] pretty Vietnam girl and decided to take her back to my hotel for $15.00 for the entire evening.

She swore that she gave good Yum Yum when asked, but she refused to do it at my guesthouse which was very far away.

I had to drive her all the way back for a refund, but the Mamasan refused to give me back my money.

The first parts of the road are mostly Cambodia girls which then lead on to the Vietnam girls.

I found most of these girls to be unattractive, over weight and very much used.

I sat at a table drinking a beer for a few hours and watched the traffic go up and down the road and I only seen Cambodia men and boys cruising the road.

Never did I ever see any white men at the Chicken Farm while I was there.