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He started his career in rap music as member of group Potna Duece in Vallejo, California. Talking about his personal life, he has not married yet. Previously he was in relationship with his singer girlfriend who is also a rapper.

He debuted in music industry through his first album "Savage Dreams". After three years long relationship with her they broke up with each other.

Thus, a newly emigrated Nahuatl speaker in an urban center might referred to his cultural relatives in this country, different from himself, as According to one explanation, the pre-Columbian tribes in Mexico called themselves Meshicas, and the Spaniards, employing the letter x (which at that time represented a "sh" and "ch" sound), spelled it Mexicas.

The Indians later referred to themselves as Meshicanos and even as Shicanos, thus giving birth to the term Chicano.

The pro-indigenous/Mestizo nature of Chicano nationalism is cemented in the nature of Mexican national identity, in which the culture is heavily syncretic between indigenous and Spanish cultures, and where 60% of the population is Mestizo, and another 30% are indigenous, with the remaining 10% being of European heritage and other racial/ethnic groups.