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Posted by body2body London Tantric Massage Service that will help liberate your mind and body.

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Our luxurious Tantric Body to Body Massage will be carried out with hot oil in a warm and comfortable room where we will set a relaxing atmosphere with scented candles and music to help create the right mood and sensual harmony.Through this sacred ritual, you learn to feel and let go off old beliefs that are keeping you from your full potential as a lover, and your full enjoyment of your sensuality.Tantric Body to Body Massage is extremely Sensual and one of the world’s greatest pleasures providing relaxation, rejuvenation and a calming of the very soul.It is a massage that dates back hundreds of years making it the oldest form of natural therapy that is as popular today as it was back then.You will learn about Tantra and Tantric Body to body Massage, and Sensual Kundalini Massage, gaining valuable knowledge of how to give and receive this precious gift and experiencing a new level of consciousness.Firstly we will teach you breathing techniques to enable you to move energy from one area to another that will help enhance your pleasure.

The breathing techniques are a form of relaxation methods and as the energy moves from one centre to another it will heighten and awaken your kundalini energy. We will teach you to explore your own beauty and peace and discover ‘bliss’ which is an eternal state that starts in the mind and spills over into the body.

During your Tantric Massage experience you will learn how to apply the physical sexuality with a spiritual connection .

When you are comfortable with the feeling of pure passion and energy running through your body we will move onto the Lingam / Yoni massage. Lingam massage is the ritual of honouring and healing this part of the body.

We are all extremely skilful with the Lingam / Yoni massage or sacred Lingam / Yoni healing and introduce a little playful contact along with our professional practice to ensure your comfort and ease. We touch the penis not from a place of arousal and orgasm but from a joy and wonder of this beautiful part of the body.

Therapeutically, this slow and gentle massage helps with premature ejaculation and improving male sexual stamina as the energies often heal by simply nurturing the lingam.

The firm movements and pressure involved allows you to stay in touch with your body and feel a great deal of joy and wonder.