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The competition between Justinian and another gentile printer named Bragadini, led to one of them denouncing the other to the Pope for printing items which were against the Church.This led to the public burning of the Talmud throughout most of Italy starting in 1553.[1] The Talmud was listed in the Church’s first Index Librorum Prohibitorum in 1559.


Manuscripts which had to be laboriously copied one by one could now be set to type and hundreds could be produced at one time.One of the earliest Jewish treasures to be set to print was the Talmud.Scattered volumes of it were printed in the late 15th century and early sixteenth century, but the first complete set was printed from 1519-1523 in Venice by Daniel Bomberg.He followed this with printing two more sets, and was joined by Marco Antonio Justinian who printed a complete set from 1546-1551.The 10.04 LTS release of Ubuntu seems to be very, very good.However, for some strange reason, creators of this release made some strange decisions about Ubuntu's look-and-feel.

One of the things that annoyed me was the assumption that every Ubuntu user, uses Twitter, Facebook or other social network.

Thus, they incorporated the tools for using social networking sites into the distibution.

They did it by adding chat and status icons/notifiers into Gnome system try.

However, what they did not do, was the ability to easily remove them.

For example, when you remove massage notifier (mail icon) using "Remove From Panel" option, the volume control icon also disappears.

The invention of the printing press in the 15th century was a great boon for Torah study.