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Clubbing while dating

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star Dakota Johnson in a new relationship with a former boyfriend?Johnson was recently spotted in a Los Angeles club at the same table as Jake Gyllenhaal, leading to speculation that things might be heating back up between the two Hollywood stars.

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In fact, the place is so exclusive that nobody even knows its name.Although we were almost totes convinced their little romance was over, they've thrown us for another loop with a date night out to da club!It seems the former tween twosome was spotted out at El Lay's Supperclub where they were celebrating the birthday of the Biebs' DJ and friend Tay James.After sneaking in through the private back entrance, Selenita and her on-and-off beau did little to deny those romance rumors as they apparently held hands and danced together.Guess the Biebs stepped it up after her most definitely single interview last week! These two are getting to be worse than Chris Brown and Rihanna!

Seriously, their Facebook relationship statuses would be beyond annoying right now if they were regular people who actually did that shizz.

Selena Gomez might be proclaiming her singleness from rooftops, but her actions are telling a different story.

And that story involves a leading man named Justin Bieber!

“Jake and Dakota were accompanied at their table by different people throughout the night — including the owner of the bar [that’s] so inaccessible to the public that it doesn’t even have a name,” the source stated.

“They left the venue through separate exits, Johnson out the front and Gyllenhaal via a back door.” The source adds that the two were “glancing back at each other as if they were getting away with something.” Although this isn’t much evidence to go on, the fact the two were together in such a secretive place indicates that something is going on between the two.

Given their history together, this isn’t all that surprising.