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Dating internet personals loan

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Almost from the beginning, (2nd letter), she stated that she could only write once every two days or so as she simply did not have the money.

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After several very short letters from her later I blindly send approximately $200 via Western Union, (which she suggested).November 17, 2002 - she suggests that it would be too costly for me to come see her, then spend extra money for her to come to USA.She suggests that she check into it and see if there is another way.Amazingly she meets an old friend at the travel agency who is willing to help her with the visa, etc. In the next few letters she describes the process that she is going through, (medical test, English test, etc.) and finally she states that the visa is obtained. I email several letters over the next week or so, but no reply.When i answered out of sport and asked very simple questions i received nothing about my questions, just generic chit chat, so i persisted and mentioned i was sending $100 to help (to see if then my letter was read) and she (? I consider the financial damage made to me as substantial. I confirm the legitimacy of the documents that are attached with this letter.I am ready to assist the investigation in any way they need me to assist.

I am lounging this application as an official statement and request to prosecute the criminal or criminal group hiding behind this fraud operation.

I set up a personals profile on a singles dating site several months ago and soon had a young lady from Russia answer my ad on September 30, 2002.

E-mail: [email protected] Name: Irina Petuhova City: Kirov Country: Russia Postal address: house 122, apartment 417, (street) Moskovskaya, (zip) 610033 Phone number: claims can not afford yet, but if you send her money she will hurry.

She wrote me one day and i deleted the first 2-3 and she kept writing as if i e-mail arrived for no reason.

I had not advertised in any sites but i had browsed some. Russia city : Kirov street: Moskovskaya house 122 apartment 433 Irina Petuhova The details of my story are as follows on the attached pages.

This person was obviously stupid but was trying to fleece me for some money. I therefore request to prosecute , Shahudinova Albina Galimullovna for fraud according to the law of the Russian Federation.