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Other minority languages include the Bravanese dialect (also known as Chimwiini or Chimbalazi), a variant of the Bantu Swahili language that is spoken along the southern coast by the Bravanese people.Kibajuni is another Swahili dialect that is the mother tongue of the Bajuni ethnic minority group.

Benaadir (also known as Coastal Somali) is spoken on the Benadir coast from Cadaley to south of Merca, including Mogadishu, as well as in the immediate hinterland.The coastal dialects have additional phonemes which do not exist in Standard Somali.Maay is principally spoken by the Digil and Mirifle (Rahanweyn) clans in the southern areas of Somalia.The Somali language is regulated by the Regional Somali Language Academy, an intergovernmental institution established in June 2013 by the governments of Djibouti, Somalia and Ethiopia.It is officially mandated with preserving the Somali language. Soravia (1994) noted a total of 1,436 Arabic loanwords in Agostini a.o. Most of the vocabulary terms consisted of commonly used nouns.These lexical borrowings may have been more extensive in the past since a few words that Zaborski (192) observed in the older literature were absent in Agostini's later work. It used to be a working language in the British Somaliland protectorate.

Italian was an official language in Italian Somaliland and during the trusteeship period, but its use significantly diminished following independence.

It is now most frequently heard among older generations.

The Somali language is spoken by ethnic Somalis in Greater Somalia and the Somali diaspora.

It is spoken as an adoptive language by a few ethnic minority groups in these regions.

Somali dialects are divided into three main groups: Northern, Benaadir and Maay (sometimes spelled Mai or Mai Mai).

Northern Somali (or Northern-Central Somali) forms the basis for Standard Somali.