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Dating women emotional baggage

Once you start dating them, their attitude usually does change a little as they get to know you.

If you were interested in having sex with this women right away then it does not apply to you.If you are looking specifically for some action then dating women with baggage will be fine.It is only for the people who are looking for a long term relationship that it applies too.The best thing to do in general when you find a women with baggage is end the relationship because it will effect your relationship in the long term.There are women with small baggage that will not effect your relationship as bad but you have to take chances.There are lots of women who are different and who are into different situations.

There are women who are single and carry around a lot of baggage.

When you meet new people you want to take everything slow and the real personality will come out overtime.

When people first meet each other they usually always are very conservative and nice.

Now there are emotional baggage and physical baggage.

The emotional baggage is when a women has to coupe with relationships from her past that she has not overcome.

Physical baggage is when she has a kid and has to deal with situations from her past relationship and has to carry around her kid.