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The software is run through individual user PC background processes rather than running exclusively on its own servers. However, this has also opened up some security concerns, since the use of company owned servers would also make use of their own high level security measures.

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For those who regularly add new contacts to their Skype list for business reasons (or who may believe that the request can be coming from a relative or acquaintance), the first impulse may be to add the individual first and then ask questions later.Businesses and personal users today have very familiar with the popular communication program known as “Skype”.(See: References 1) For inexpensive text, verbal and video contacts, Skype has become the program of choice for many.The program functions by allowing users to place voice and chat calls over the Internet (using a PC) in the same way that Vo IP calls are being used on an ever increasing basis (See: References 2) For those who have downloaded and installed the Skype program, calls to other Skype users are free of charge.For calls made to mobile and landline phones, there is an existing debit-based account system that will allow Skype users to make these types of calls.One of the primary reasons for Skype’s popularity (besides free calls to other Skype users) is that it features additional options, such as file transfer, IM (Instant Messaging) along with video conferencing.

Currently, Skype has in excess of 663 million users who are registered (numbers reported in 2010) (See: References 1).

Skype’s parent company, Skype Limited, is headquartered in Luxembourg and owned by the popular selling and marketing company e Bay.

Mot of Skype’s development is outsourced to Luxembourg from Tallinn, Estonia.

This can pose a serious security threat to the Skype user.

The problem is that this request phenomenon is relatively new and, in the past, Skype requests would come only from those who have been invited to submit a request – as opposed to complete strangers sending a Skype request.

This can easily catch a Skype user completely off guard and the first impulse is to add the user.