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There is a 'soul bird’ who lives inside us all This special bird opens and closes the drawers of our soul, in which we keep all our feelings.There are drawers for our innermost secrets, but also places where we hide away our happiness, anger, joy, jealousy and sorrows.

My Mum bought it for my sister, because the little girl in it looked just like her at the time, but I fancied the book as mine.

It is a beautiful story about a grandma passing on secrets about the ocean, mesmerising her granddaughter, Lily, with stories about whales singing. For the chance to win fabulous bookish prizes, encourage your child to come dressed as their favourite character.

We should try, maybe late at night, or at another time of peace and quiet, to hear the voice of the soul bird, and listen to what it is telling us.' by Rudyard Kipling (the original as opposed to the Disney version).

I was a ‘bookworm’ from a young age and vividly remember my mother reading this in the evenings before bedtime with my brother and I snuggled up on either side of her in our pyjamas.

Nothing beats the world of Ratty, Mole, Badger and Toadie as fuel for the imagination when roaming outdoors. When I think about it, I can hear my mother reading it to me in her soft voice: ‘Deep down, inside our bodies, lives the soul.