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It’s no secret that crossbows are a certifiable Big Deal now.Established makers are getting better at what they do. Even gun companies are jumping into the crossbow market.

I could buy a really fine rifle and a life time supply of ammo for what these things cost.I would venture a guess at those speeds the bolts are a one time use item. I'll probably upgrade to a UTG 4X32 1" Crossbow Scope, $70 Hello everybody, I'm new here and looking for some straight up non biased guidance.The draw weight on the excalibur micro 355 is incorrect. In states like NY, you need a draw weight under 200, so needless to say I got excited about this crossbow only to be let down. Yesterday I ordered a PSE Fang Crossbow from Amazon. I had broken my back several years ago at work fixing a machine at work.It was a dream job working for a highly reputable firearms manufacturer.Needless to say after numerous procedures I just had hopefully my last surgery.Due to the surgery and my injury I won't be using my compound bow again.

I had my bow given as a gift back some 16+ years back. It definitely wasn't on the top shelf of compound bows but here this!

I've never had to fix/repair one single thing to this bow other than sight upgrades.

I caught so much bs for owning a PSE and not a expensive faster bow etc however I could shoot better and if not as good as those $800+ bows.

Yes technology has increased vastly throughout the years but I couldn't break out the wallet to upgrade to a better bow simply because I was shooting as many deer as everyone else if not more. I no longer can shoot a compound bow which kills me and is eating me up.

So I'm here to ask for what crossbow to pull the trigger on. I don't want the bottom of the list bow however I'm not spending a grand neither.

I've seen that Wicked Ridge by Ten Point has great reviews.