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So, I worry about the stability of Outlook if updates are applied while it's running. Well \- you could deploy a package to make Casper Self Service a launch item !-- That way they would have to quit it..-- Could be annoying though.. Another 'better solution' would be to use JAMFHelper to display a notification..

Because of how MS is versioning Lync, I had to create some new functions to handle the version checking.

The method I've been using for all the other apps doesn't work properly with it.

I usually download latest update package from Microsoft. Open the DMG then drag the pkg directly into Casper Admin.

Next create a policy to cache the pkg at next checkin ,with a scope of a smart group that checks against the version of the Microsoft Upload

1) create a policy that drops the Microsoft Update (pkg created by Composer) to a location on a Mac (the Waiting Room in this case). 2) create a policy that runs the Update_Core_script to install the cached policy.

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