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Is john edwards dating rielle hunter now

On the fifth anniversary of Elizabeth Edward’s death, John Edwards - who had a love child as a result of an extramarital affair - drove by the grave in Oakwood Cemetery in Raleigh, North Carolina, but did not stop, the witness said.Edwards, a former US senator, recently moved Hunter and their daughter to Wellington, Florida, and into a three-bedroom home, which was purchased by a trust linked to Edward’s law office. The affair between Edwards and Hunter began while he was campaigning for presidency in 2004, and he waited until it was clear that he would neither be the presidential nor vice presidential nominee to sit down in 2008 and admit that he had cheated on his popular wife Elizabeth.

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Hunter and Edwards had a love child, Frances Quinn (right), who is now seven years old Throughout the ordeal, Edwards' aide Andrew Young volunteered to pretend that he was the father of Hunter's child, and they used nearly $1million to cover Hunter's tracks, flying her across country with the Youngs and keeping her hidden in various mansions.Although they are living ­together, the two arrived at the Italian eatery separately and were careful not to get too touchy-feely while enjoying their meal.Onlookers said the two were “very smiley” and “engrossed in conversation” during lunch.“They gazed into each other’s eyes as if they were the only two people on the planet,” one witness told the magazine.That money was the focus of the federal trial against Edwards, where they had to prove that the money used to hide Hunter was given by personal donors who understood that it was not so much a political donation to Edwards' campaign but that it was being used to help hide the word of the affair.She wrote that Elizabeth - who at the time was battling her second bout of breast cancer - was a 'witch on wheels' who belittled her beloved Johnny and was very aware that their marriage was on the outs.

Disgraced Democrat John ­Edwards was spotted enjoying a lunch date with his reported new girlfriend — 35-year-old single mom Danielle King.

The 60-year-old attorney, who is said to have kicked baby mama ­Rielle Hunter to the curb over her recent tell-all book about their steamy, extramarital affair, was seen leaving upscale restaurant Panzanella, near his home in ­Chapel Hill, NC, on Oct. According to the National ­Enquirer magazine, he and the blonde have been secretly dating for about a year.

King, who is a bit more than half Edwards’ age, wore a figure-hugging gray dress and heels for the liaison, while ­Edwards kept it casual in a polo shirt and jeans.

The new love interest works as a clinical coordinator at Duke University’s Cancer Care Research Program, the Enquirer said.

King is said to have gotten close to Edwards and his two young children, and has become a fixture at the family’s idyllic, rural mansion.

King has even posted a picture of herself and Edwards’ son Jack on her Facebook profile page on the teen’s birthday.