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King hill bobby connie start dating

"Hill Street Station" The series gets off to a powerful start as stalwart Hill Street Precinct Capt.

His secret lover, public defender Joyce Davenport, hounds him about a client who has been lost. Belker busts a bald-headed pickpocket, the first of several encounters to come. Phil Esterhaus tells Fay about his teen-age sweetheart, Cindy.And his ex-wife, Fay, berates him after his child-support check bounces. And, after handling a domestic situation, Hill and Renko find their police unit has been stolen and are shot when they walk into a building to call in the theft.guest stars: Panchito Gomez (Hector Ruiz), Gary Grubbs (Earps), Gary Van Orman (Sneed), Nick Savage (bald-headed pickpocket), Jonathan Dasteel (Lamonica), Ron Godines (Contreras), Paul Michael (proprietor), Heshimu Cumbuku (pimp), Luisa Leschin (street kid), Don Cervantes (street kid), Richard Wright (killer junkie), Chris Doyle (angel dust junkie), Andy Garcia (street kid in booking), Rocky Echevarria (Fuentes), Veronica Redd (Alena), Eleanor Mc Coy (Jonette), Vernon Washington (William), Andy Arthur (street kid) writer: Michael Kozoll & Steven Bochco; director: Robert Butler 2."Presidential Fever" Furillo is again on the rack as Fay makes a spectacle at the station with her demands for more money.Division alerts him to prepare for a presidential visit to the Hill, a task he does not relish.A pair of transfer officers roust the wrong people and find trouble. guest stars: Barbara Babcock (Grace Gardner), Mark Metcalf (Harris), Charles Seaverns (Parker), David Caruso (Shamrock leader), Bobby Ellerbee (Blood leader), Danny Mora (bail bondsman Huerta), Jonathan Dasteel (Lamonica), Gary Van Orman (Sneed), George Dickerson (Divisional Cmdr.

Dave Swanson), Merritt Butrick (rapist), Richard Marion (Browning), Jake Mitchell (Hingle), Sal Lopez (Puerto Rican #1), Anthony Pena (Puerto Rican #2), Guillermo San Juan (Gypsy Boy), Paul Michael (merchant), Lydia Fernandez (rape victim), Rocky Echevarria (Fuentes), Eric Helland (felon) writer: Michael Kozoll & Steven Bochco; director: Robert Butler Furillo and his officers run themselves ragged preparing for the impending presidential visit to the Hill - Goldblume helps work out a secure route and Calletano and the captain bargain with Shamrock and Blood gang leaders to ensure a peaceful tour.

Frank consults Joyce after Fay - in a letter from her attorney - threatens to garnish his wages for more child support.

The news prompts a summit with gang leaders that nearly turns sour thanks to the smug presidential press secretary.

And to top it all off, he endures a personal clash with Davenport.

Emotions run high as Hill and Renko meet for the first time since they were shot.

The new police decorator, Grace Gardner, tries Esterhaus' patience.