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Michael trevino dating history

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Trevino was confirmed to appear as the same character in a recurring role on the Vampire Diaries spin-off series The Originals in 2013, the first major character to transition from one show to another.

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It’s unclear whether Michael and Alexandra are dating or not, but we do know they’ve been friends for several years., that has elevated Trevino to true sex symbol status. But once everyone knows that I’m back in town, it’s like “Come here! ” I’m not really a homebody person, so I like going out and I like seeing everybody and going to shows or just going to have a drink. Well, we left off where Tyler becomes possessed by Klaus’ being, so we kind of see how that comes into play. If you’re a brunette and you have bangs, that’s a big turn-on for me. It’s weird because I can’t have a full-on conversation in Spanish, but I can put words together and I can understand what’s being said to me in Spanish. I’ve seen different cultures, styles, music, food and, of course, women. What’s the most romantic thing that you’ve done for a girl? (We named him one of Fall TV’s Heartbreakers for a reason.) Here, Trevino talks werewolves or vampires, blondes or brunettes, and the one hairstyle on a girl that drives him wild. One would think because we have this love triangle between Klaus and Tyler and Caroline, that Klaus would take full advantage of being inside Tyler’s body in relation to Caroline. I would like to be able to play Klaus for a while, but I think we’re going to bring back Joseph Morgan a lot sooner than you think. I’m hoping that it’s a great season and that Tyler can stay alive, because with any supernatural show, people are dying left and right. I like blondes too, but brunettes sort of do it for me. You know, there’s just something about Kate Beckinsale that I like—she’s super talented and just gorgeous. I can’t have a full conversation with my grandmother because she doesn’t know English and I have a bunch of cousins that only speak Spanish. A., I try to fit in as much press as I can and also have some family time. It was my first language, but when my mother went back to work and I had a babysitter, she didn’t keep me fluent in it. I’ve recently been lucky enough with this show to travel to countries that I’ve never been to, and it’s just such an eye-opener. I have a very strong affection towards Asian women—I get it from my father. She wasn’t my first love, but my first strong crush, for sure. Without a doubt, my intention is to never break any girl’s heart.He has also appeared as a guest star on Cold Case, Without a Trace, Bones, and Commander in Chief. Trevino also had a small role on the TV series Charmed in the eighth season episode, "Malice in Wonderland", as Alastair.He also had a recurring role on The Riches on FX, playing high school student, Brent, in a four episode story arc in season 1, and appeared in the third episode of season 2.

He played the role of Jaime Vega on the short-lived 2007 television series Cane.

In 2008, Trevino was cast for a three-episode arc on The CW's 90210, playing Ozzie, a student at West Beverly Hills High School and love interest for Naomi.

He has been in two celebrity relationships averaging approximately 1.8 years each.

Trevino was raised in Montebello, California and later moved to Valencia, California.

His mother was originally from Zacatecas, Mexico and his father was born in Fresno, California to Mexican immigrants.

Trevino played the role of Jackson Meade, similar to Meade Milk, in the Disney Channel Original Movie Cow Belles.