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Naija dating site

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100% free Dating website for Naija men, women, girls. Connect With The Right People From Various Categories To Specific Areas of Common Interest, Dynamic Professionals With The Right Business Experiences To Geo-Selected Categories For Proper Socialization.

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Because I live in Canada, and not in a part that has a lot of Naija men, my friends have asked me over and over again why I think I’m going to marry a Nigerian.Church I’ve been told to look at church, but I don’t go to a Nigerian church (ie Redeemed Church of God), and I can’t justify leaving the church I’ve attended for most of my life because of a guy who may or may not be waiting for me there. First off, the site design was horrible and looked like it was made my a child.I mean seriously: why would a specifically) who lived in North America or the UK, I was contacted by guys from all over the world, with 95% of them living in Nigeria.When I very firmly told them that I was interested in meeting Nigerians in North America, they would tell me that they are planning to move to Canada very shortly.My Nigerian heritage is very important to me, and although my parents had all their children in North America, I like that all of our names are Yoruba.It is my hope that when I have children, I am able to give them good Nigerian names so they never forget where they came from.

But enough about my non-existent children, since my husband is nowhere to be found (yet).

The question is where does a girl who lives in oyinbo-ville meet a Nigerian man? Well I gave in and I actually signed up on a site that catered to Nigerians in 2006 or early 2007 and I was not impressed.

I have the same answer for them: I know, but I always imagined that I would. In my dreams I’d meet someone who had lived in Nigeria longer than I, perhaps even gone to highschool there, or done a college/university degree there.

The reason this is important is so that when I go to Nigeria to visit, I could go with someone who knows their way around.

I see this boyfriend/husband of mine helping me increase my knowledge of Nigeria, laughing or mocking my mispronunciations of words and correcting me when needed.

(This might be a good time to mention that I grew up reading fairytales and reading romance novels).