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We’re enthused about the final product, but we’ll see how we like it after the weather has tested it.

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Please send us an e-mail or give us a call if you’d like to pre-order some broilers. During the summer I was jealous of you office workers that had a nice air-conditioned place to work in every day while we found out how well we could sweat!!offers 3M Scotchgard Protector to protect your investment longer between cleanings.We are the only company that offers a full 1 Year spot and spill warranty to our residential customers who purchase the 3M Scotchgard Protector with their cleaning and we provide our customers, free of charge, a life time supply In addition to the beauty and style carpet brings to homes, it also provides several benefits.* Noise Reduction- effective at minimizing unwanted noises in the home. * Senior Safety- provides a cushioned, non-slippery surface.* Color Psychology- used as a sothing, stabilizing base in offices and waiting rooms.* Do not place furniture in direct sunlight.Over time the sun's ultraviolet rays will cause damage to the fabric.

* Rotate and reverse all of your loose cushions and pillows every 1 to 2 weeks * Have your upholstered items cleaned every few years * Blot any spilled liquids immediately making sure all liquid is absorbed *With just a little care and attention, your furniture will give you many useful years.

Our fall broiler chicks are 3 weeks old and ready to hit the grass! And it’s inspiring to watch them get out on green grass-gives you a good feeling- like you’re putting them where they ought to be! We have one ready to go, but still need to build another one.

These kind of projects seem to take time to get done with all the other things that come up on a typical day on the farm.

Now I’m on the other end of the stick, and I’m VERY glad to be outside as much as I can.

We have to learn to be thankful wherever we are and in whatever state we find ourselves in!!

We will be at Cherry Street Farmer’s Market in Tulsa on Saturday again.