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The good news is that you could stay in one village, town or city for a few days and capture the essence of what New England is all about.

There's simply no need to feel obligated to race from place to place. will give you just that plus the joys of a quaint New England village.

In the little village, you will find an old-time market, a bakery owned by "The Colonel" (a military-looking man with a crew cut), some antique stores and a few restaurants.

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Acadia National Park area Chambers of Commerce or read Visiting New article on Acadia National Park.

-- With over 90 lakes and 90,000 acres of recreational land (golf, skiing, parks, etc.) within 45 miles north to south, the Berkshire Hills are a favorite amongst Bostonians and New Yorkers.

If it's ocean, visit York Beach, Maine, and sample the incomparable seafood, rugged rocky coast and some expansive beaches.

If it's the city, Boston, Mass., is your "hub of the universe" with a wonderful sense of history within the confines of a full service city.

Then, come back often and experience the rest through the years.