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Puffy and cassie dating

puffy and cassie dating-22

Because again taking him back and forgiving him took a lot of strength.

Now Diddy, who we all thought was trying to get back with his ex model/baby mother Kim Porter apparently never stopped trying to get Cassie back.The mogul took the time out to show the actress some love on Instagram as she scored her first major role in a film. Cassie was photographed in Diddy's kitchen rocking a t-shirt and panties while he danced to a new 2 Chainz song.They looked really happy; both were cheesing and smiling, looking as if Diddy never cheated and ruined everything a few months back.We really hope Diddy doesn’t mess it up this time; he needs to learn to appreciate a woman like Cassie.We have all tried to keep up with the love story between model/actress Cassie and entertainment/music mogul Diddy, but they have had so many ups and down throughout their relationship over the last few months that it has become hard to do.Well, here’s the latest, they are back on right now! Cassie found out that the Diddy was messing around with Gina Hyunh behind her back.

Remember when Cassie decided to break things off when she found out that Diddy was cheating? Moving forward with something like that on your mind and conscious must take some maturity and skill!

According to Bossip, the 29-year-old is back with dancing bad boy.

Hollywood has reached out to Cassie and Diddy’s reps for comment, but we have not received a response yet.

Without verbally acknowledging the hype that she might be pregnant, Cassie quietly responded to the rumors by sharing even more photos.

In one photo of Cassie’s sexy bikini body, you can clearly see that not only is her abdomen flat — but it’s perfectly toned. There was also a second photo shared after the alleged baby bump photo, which shows Cassie and her sexy toned tummy staring out at the ocean from the balcony of her home. Is Cassie pregnant, or is this just a bunch of hype for nothing?

It is worth nothing that in these two follow up pictures Cassie is wearing the exact same bikini she wore in the alleged baby bump pic, further proving they were taken at the same time.