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Mayo team: David Clarke, Brendan Harrison, Donal Vaughan, Keith Higgins, Lee Keegan, Colm Boyle, Patrick Durcan, Seamus O' Shea, Tom Parsons, Kevin Mc Loughlin, Aidan O' Shea, Diarmuid O' Connor, Jason Doherty. MANIFESTO OF THE NEW TRANSLATION ___________________________________________________________________________ We can’t sleep, me and @everyone, ___________________________________________________________________________ in this digital light whose pixellation glows as live-streamedly as ___________________________________________________________________________ a charge that can think -- ___________________________________________________________________________ cause, like it, (or not) ___________________________________________________________________________ we’re powered by the multiple cores.

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When the anti-depressive Vivexx is approved by FDA, Karly finds that there are medical reports showing liver issues hidden by the industry.

Karly is nominated by Braden-Adrews to the award Industry Rep of the Year and she needs to take a decision.

Manager Stephen Rochford brings Parsons into the midfield in place of Barry Moran.

Elsewhere, Aidan O' Shea's will make his 40th Championship appearance having made his debut against New York in 2009.

Two college students (Heigl and Smith) build a nuclear device, which is stolen by a fellow student. Karly feels a moral dilemma with her unethical job, but is seduced by the salary, car, bonus and benefits offered by the corporation.