5 simple rules of dating - Singapore caucasian dating

In conclusion, that’s the reality which has been occurring in this country.

If you look at our Singaporean dating site at Asiandatenet.com, then you can see women just look for White men while Singaporean men try to find foreign ladies.

SPG is a term used to describe local girls who hunt for Caucasian partners.

She met her current German boyfriend, 25, at the smoking area outside a Clarke Quay pub. “Normally, Singaporean men would not be so bold,” she said.

When Miss Ang met The New Paper on Sunday, she was wearing a tight white tank top and black jeans.

After she broke up with her Singaporean boyfriend two years ago, Miss Ang had enough of local men.

Her ex had called her materialistic after she told him that being content with a future salary of $3,000 a month was not good enough for her.

Local men in this country have no choice but find an international bride in Viet Nam, Thailand, China, India, Indosenia or Philippines to marry.