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But on the other hand, that touchdown we gave the Vikings in the second quarter had to be some kind of a fluke.(It was set up when Minnesota’s Fred Mc Neill recovered a Vikings punt at the four-yard line after it hit the leg of Dallas’s Cliff Harris.)“If you take away that touchdown by the Vikings and our so-called lucky catch, we still would have won by a field goal and I think we deserved to,” Staubach said.

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Because of what they thought had been a comeback victory by Minnesota, the last-second loss left fans in a sudden state of sadness and shock.One fan was so perturbed or mentally deranged that he hit an official in the head with a whiskey bottle shortly before the game ended.“Our only goal was to throw it and hope for a miracle,” said Cowboys Coach Tom Landry, who admitted he was “very, very depressed when the play started because we were trailing and to my way of thinking we had outplayed them the entire game.”Drew Pearson landed on his feet with the ball secured and trotted into the end zone.Nate Wright, who tangled with Pearson in the air, landed on his back.Future Hall of Fame safety Paul Krause, 22, arrived too late to help.“I’ll admit that we were very lucky on that play.See what's new in Preparative and Process Chromatography at PREP2016 on July 17-20, 2016 in Philadelphia, PA, USA.Most recognized international conference where scientists and engineers come from ...

Did Drew Pearson push off Nate Wright before snaring the winning touchdown pass in the Vikings’ heartbreaking loss to Dallas in a 1975 divisional playoff game at Met Stadium?

A Minneapolis Tribune account published the next day is clear: Because of one catch that possibly could be called a miracle and two calls that possibly could be called mistakes in judgment, the Dallas Cowboys, in the final 24 seconds of the game Sunday, knocked the Minnesota Vikings off Super Bowl Road by a score of 17-14.

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