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The creation of a small update patch is described in the section: A Small Update Patching Example.Microsoft Windows Installer accepts a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) as a valid source for a patch.Windows Installer 3.0 and later: Developers who use Windows Installer 3.0, and author patch packages that have the Msi Patch Sequence table can create patch packages that do the following: Windows Installer 2.0: The Msi Patch Sequence table is not supported.

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The Package Code uniquely identifies the installation package and should always be changed whenever update or upgrade changes any information in the installation package.

When deciding whether to change the product version, you should consider If future versions of the application will need to differentiate between the updated and nonupdated versions of the current product.

Because an installation package can contain the files that make up an application as well the information needed for their installation, Windows Installer can be used to update the application.

The installer can update information in the following parts of the installation package: The type of update can be characterized by the changes the update makes to the application's product code, product version, and package code.

The application's product version is stored in the Product Version property.

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