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The third edition of this highly regarded collection continues to offer students contemporary, cutting-edge research as well as classic literature on nonverbal codes and functions. Perspectives on Nonverbal Communication Skills (Brian H. Perspectives on Nonverbal Research Methods (Michael L.

Designed for use as a supplement or as the sole text, it introduces readers to basic terms and skills and provides an easy-to-comprehend overview of research methods commonly used to investigate nonverbal behaviors.

Credibility Judgments of Detectives: The Impact of Nonverbal Behavior, Social Skills, and Physical Characteristics on Impression Formation (Aldert Vrij) Section E. Positions of Power: Status and Dominance in Organizational Communication (Peter A. The Influence of Nonverbal Behaviors in Compliance-Gaining Processes (Chris Segrin) 51.

According to experts, a substantial portion of our communication is nonverbal.

When a mismatch exists between what you are stating verbally and the nonverbal signals you are sending, the nonverbal communication is believed by your receivers.