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What is the definition of casual dating

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Formal, semi-formal, black tie, white tie -- all of these are called dress "codes" for a reason: They follow strict guidelines.

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Think of smart-casual as a hybrid -- it typically means that your wardrobe is publicly presentable on a business level, but takes a few casual cues (think sport coat rather than business suit).Likewise, smart-casual allows for more modern cuts and fits, such as a slim-fit blazer with slanted pockets or a bold collar rather than a rigid, boxy shape.Similarly, it gives you the opportunity to break out more personalized accessories, like a chunky bracelet or a statement necklace.To tone it down a bit, smart-casual often accommodates slim-fitted slacks with a dressy sweater and collared coat; go for a cropped jacket for an even more original take.For warmer seasons, a lightweight blouse with a skinny belt, fitted slacks and subdued leather strappy sandals works well.In cases that err on the "casual" side of smart-casual, dark or neutral denim fits the bill.

Take a look at pieces that surround the office-appropriate button-up for a good idea of where smart-casual lies.

While a traditional suit over your button-up is classic formal or business attire and a sport coat with jeans often qualifies as business casual, a sport coat with color-complementing chinos is a classic smart-casual combo.

For both men and women, the good news is that it often serves as an opportunity to get a bit more expressive with your work-friendly wardrobe.

For women, deconstructing the tried-and-true skirt suit helps make the mysterious smart-casual look a little clearer.

Rather than a perfectly matched combination of jacket and skirt, smart-casual encourages you to mix up the shades, such as pairing a khaki pencil skirt with a chocolate blazer.

It also opens you up to brightly colored blouses, or those with more eye-catching prints and graphics, like a houndstooth pattern or art deco-inspired prints.