Who is dating david tennant

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When he was 16, he acted in an anti-smoking film made by the Glasgow Health Board which aired on television and was also screened in schools.

The following year, he played a role in an episode of Dramarama.

Broadchurch series three sees David Tennant’s DI Hardy dipping his toe into the dating waters again as he heads out for an evening with the mysterious Zoe. Meet Elen Rhys, a Welsh actress who you’ll probably recognise if you’re a fan of Ordinary Lies.

He meets up with her in a nearby restaurant, much to Miller’s amusement, and the pair have quite the pleasantly awkward first dinner. She played Caz, wife to Matt Di Angelo’s Robert ‘Fletch’ Fletcher, who found his marriage threatened when he reunited with his father, played by Griff Rhys Jones.

He began to appear on television more prominently in 20, when he appeared in a dramatisation of He Knew He Was Right (2004), Blackpool (2004), Casanova (2005), and The Quatermass Experiment (2005).